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MiMedx® is a leading biopharmaceutical company developing and marketing regenerative and therapeutic biologics utilizing human placental tissue allografts. We have supplied over 1.3 Million allografts to date for application in the Wound Care, Burn, Surgical, Orthopedic, Spine, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmic and Dental sectors of healthcare.

We process human placental tissue utilizing our proprietary PURION® Process methodology, among other processes, to produce allografts by employing aseptic processing techniques in addition to terminal sterilization. We dry preserve human amniotic membrane tissue, resulting in minimally manipulated tissue products that address numerous serious unmet medical needs requiring tissue regeneration or healing inside and outside the body.

Our patent-protected PURION® Process is the foundation of our AmnioFix® and EpiFix® products that serve to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues by delivering human extracellular matrix components, essential growth factors, and specialized mediating cytokines. AmnioFix®, EpiFix® and AmnioFill™ modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing.

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